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By: Bill Sparkman

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Everyone wants to succeed. People are spending more money than ever on books, tapes, seminars, technology and every other gimmick imaginable to find the inspiration and motivation to push themselves over the top. Sales people are trying new sales techniques, new scripts, using new day planners, surfing the web, practicing relationship selling strategies, purchasing the latest laptops, seeking religion, using the most up-to-date contact management software and eating less fat in their diet. And yet, achieving success seems to be as elusive as ever.

So what's missing? What does it take to reach your goals, to achieve greatness, realize your highest potential, and maintain consistency in your results? The answer may be a "personal performance coach."

What is a personal performance coach?
A personal performance coach is simply someone who can enhance the performance of another in any area of one's life - personal, physical or business. A coach provides one thing that self discipline and commitment alone can't, "relationship." I've found that many people are good at setting goals, making commitments and talking a good game, but fall short of actually attaining their desired results.

A coach adds an accountability factor that you don't have when going at it alone. There is a dramatic shift in the promises you make and the commitments you take on when your coach is there with you, every step of the way, checking your progress and supporting your actions, and encouraging you to succeed.

People seem to have no problem in breaking commitments and promises that they make to themselves, but find it much more difficult breaking commitments they've made to their coach. Letting ourselves down is easy, but I don't want to let my coach down.

How does coaching work?
The very first questions to ask yourself before considering getting a coach is, am I coachable? Can I listen to new ideas and feedback objectively? Am I willing to ask for help? Am I ready to do whatever it takes to produce breakthrough results in my life?

Coaching meetings can take place in person or over the telephone. Due to everyone's busy schedule, telephone coaching is most popular.

Coaching can be done one on one and can also include others as part of a coaching group. If you are part of a coaching group you will still need one member of the group to be your personal coach.

A coaching session should be no longer than 1 hour and can also be as short as 30 minutes, weekly or bi-weekly is best. The coach will keep the meeting on track and moving forward. The purpose of the meeting is for you to check in with your coach and report the progress you are making with the commitments you've made. At the end of your meeting you will set your goals for the next period of time. These goals and objectives must be written down and sent to your coach. I use a form called "Contract for Action."

What is the role of a coach?

  • The coach's job is to help you get over the goal line.
  • The coach is a great listener. The coach listens with compassion, but doesn't buy into your excuses.
    A good coach has more questions than answers.
  • A coach's job is to assist you in coming up with your own answers, that's real empowerment.
  • The coach sees more possibilities and options just when you think you've tried everything.
  • The coach helps to create clarity and keeps you focused on your goals, commitments, and objectives. Confusion becomes less of a distraction.
  • The coach won't let you wiggle out of agreements you've made. He will hold you accountable, with a velvet hammer.
  • A coach is someone who believes in you. Your coach helps you celebrate your victories with you.
  • The coach very often gets as much benefit from a coaching relationship as the one receiving the coaching. Being a good coach for each other is also very powerful.

How to select a coach?
This may be the most important step to beginning a coaching relationship. The coach you choose must be willing to participate 100% in your success, it isn't to be taken lightly. A coach doesn't have to be familiar with your business, remember the coach is coaching commitment. I have coached a marathon runner and have never run a marathon. I wasn't coaching their technique, I was only coaching their commitment. I was there to keep her focused, on track, and to be sure she was keeping her promises with regard to her workout regiment. I was there to encourage her every time she wanted to quit.

Be sure to talk about how long the coaching will last (i.e. a specific period of time or even a specific project). The relationship should have a beginning date and an ending date. This will create a sense of urgency. You will also be more apt to find a coach when they know going in how long you want them involved. Sometimes the busiest and most successful people make the best coach.

It is important that your coach has experienced success in the area you are asking for specific coaching. My fitness coach is in great shape. My financial coach has experienced success in his life financially and is very prosperous.

It's simple - to get to the next level in your personal performance GET A COACH! Even Michael Jordan has a coach. What are you waiting for?

Bill Sparkman, "The Coach"

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Bill Sparkman, The Coach

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